Advantages of Getting the Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship By Investment Facts

Turkey is an enriched country full of cultural and natural sceneries. Magnificent landmarks, historical sites and natural views attract many people. With the idea, it is popular now to seek for citizenship in Turkey through investment.

You can benefit from primary needs such as full medical assistance and free education for your kids. But also you can travel visa-free and have rental income if you invest in real estate by purchasing property.

For the property, you can consider agricultural real estate. Agricultural activities have been fundamental for Turkish economy, and with the new route the investment world is taking, for the world. With the fertile lands and temperate climatic conditions, Turkey has gained an outstanding position both in the regional and international levels by attracting foreign capitals, exporting products to other industrious countries. This growth has expanded itself for future developments.

Turkey’s location and service managements on investment strategies have brought many solid trade relationships with EU countries. It is possible to enter more than 7 countries through an electronic visa issued online, including Australia.

Turkey obtains varied countries’ attractions on the subject and these developments are accessible for investors who can get a citizenship with flexible policies. After the declaration on 29.09.2018, investors may obtain Turkish citizenship by a real estate investment of 250.000 USD. This citizenship includes secure connections with payments via banks and law guardianships, if you prefer.

Additional to the support of the real estate sector, you are given the chance to attract foreign capitals by industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors with various export products.

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