Turkish Citizenship By Investment

With the ownership of one or more properties of 250.000 USD in total, you can get a Turkish citizenship and benefit from the advantages.

These properties can be any kind. Houses, apartments, offices or lands in any province by getting an official appraisal for each one. With the signed lease for not selling the property for 3 years at the Prosperity Registration Office.

This 250.000 USD limit is on after the declaration on 19.09.2018, therefore if your property is bought before this date, your property should cost 1.000.000 USD in total.

If the investor buys immovable property from a single project or more than one project, it does not make any difference.

You can rent the properties to someone else.

You, your spouse can get a Turkish citizenship with your children under 18. As homosexual marriages are against the law in Turkey, your spouse should be of opposite sex.

If you have a disabled child above the age of 18, he/she can get a citizenship with the report includes his/her health care.

You do not have to send the money by USD.

Fuzul Construction Law Office offers all kinds of services which guide you through the process

Also the government is pretty quick with the process after the property is bought and the application is filed. You can get your citizenship between 3-6 months.

Turkey allows dual citizenship, if your origin nationality allows.

Foreigners have the obligation to present the project to the approval of the Ministry within two years. If the project is not submitted within 2 years or if it is determined by the Ministry and the administrations that the immovable property is used contrary to the purpose of acquisition, liquidation is performed and the price is returned to the related person.

In the applications made through the sale promise contract, the sales contract and the payments must be dated 07.12.2018 and after this date and the 250.000 USD must be paid in single transaction at the specified date range.

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